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Welcome to Reflection Storybook, where we believe every life is a story worth telling. Family histories are precious, but they can easily be lost or distorted over time. With Reflection Storybook, you can preserve your legacy accurately and beautifully. Imagine capturing the essence of your ancestors' lives—the stories that shaped your family and made you who you are today. At Reflection Storybook, we provide the guidance and tools to help you create a personalized memoir or family history book that honors the past and celebrates the present.


Your Ghostwriter and Historian

Morgan B. Holland, believes every life is a story worth telling. Morgan, with a degree in psychology and history, helps preserve your family's history and legacy. With Reflection Storybook, you can document your history yourself, ensuring accuracy and beauty for generations.

Morgan, raised in Prince George’s County, MD, is a ghostwriter, author, and publisher, passionate about storytelling's therapeutic power. With Morgan's guidance and tools, capture your ancestors' essence and the moments defining your family.

Writing is a form of literary therapy for Morgan, aiding healing and growth. As an experienced developmental editor and published author, Morgan helps craft personalized memoirs and family history books that honor the past and celebrate the present. Don't let your family's story fade. Start your legacy with Reflection Storybook today.

The Process

Welcome Packet

Your Reflection Storybook journey begins with a series of questions about your family relations and interview questions to help guide the process. To assist you through the next steps, you will receive a welcome packet containing the first questionnaire and a journal. This journal will help keep all your thoughts in one place as you consider the various memories you'd like to include in your Reflection Storybook.


Your memories and stories will be gathered through a questionnaire and an interview process. Before each interview, I will send over a questionnaire that outlines the types of questions I will be asking. These questionnaires help to warm up people’s minds so memories can flow, making recalling stories easier.


The genealogical research will be woven into the fabric of your book, enriching its narrative. Our comprehensive approach delves into three generations of your family history, capturing key milestones such as births, deaths, weddings, divorces, and business ventures. Your family tree will be meticulously updated to reflect the latest discoveries.

Historical Context

Utilizing historical context we will craft your Reflection Storybook, creating a richer narrative. Understanding the historical context behind a work's creation enhances our appreciation and comprehension of the narrative. Context also aids in understanding the motivations behind people's actions during historical events.

Photos & Videos

Your photos will help tell your story vividly. I'll capture our interviews on Zoom, preserving your expressions and tone for an authentic narrative. Select clips will shine on your website!

Manuscript Writing

With the treasure trove of information from your questionnaire, interviews, genealogy, historical context research, and photos, the exciting journey of crafting your manuscript begins! Then, the magic of editing and revision transforms the initial draft into a polished masterpiece.

Hardback Book & Website

Your Reflection Storybook journey has reached its delightful destination! Dive into your hardback books and proudly showcase your Reflection Storybook website to share with friends and family.

The Package

Preserve your family's rich history, stories, and photos in a single, cherished volume with The Reflective Storybook. This unique keepsake begins with the births of your family's matriarchs/patriarchs, spans three generations prior, and continues through marriages, expanding families, and present-day memories with grandkids and great-grandkids. Capture the essence of your family's journey and create a timeless treasure for generations to come.

Here's a breakdown of the package:

  • Welcome Packet: The welcome packet is your starting point, providing all the necessary information to kick off the entire process smoothly. While a family may purchase this package collectively, the responsibility of completing the packet will be delegated to one person. This ensures a streamlined process, with one point of contact assigned to finalize all decisions.

  • Interviews: Your memories and stories are at the heart of this journey, gathered through a thoughtful questionnaire and an engaging interview process. With up to 12 hours of interviews, conveniently scheduled to suit your needs, we ensure that every detail is captured authentically.

  • Genealogy: Our comprehensive approach delves into three generations of your family history, capturing key milestones such as births, deaths, weddings, divorces, and business ventures.

  • Historical Context Integration: This will help to aid in understanding the motivations behind your love ones actions. The hope is that it provides more grace and compassion to yourself and other family members.

  • Photos & Videos: Capture the essence of your story with up to 250 photos carefully selected for inclusion in your storybook, ensuring they complement the narrative seamlessly. Additionally, 3-5 video clips will be created from your interviews, adding a personal touch to your tale. Please ensure all photos are digitalized for optimal presentation.

  • Manuscript Writing: Your journey to creating a masterpiece begins with the wealth of information gathered from your questionnaire, interviews, genealogy, historical context research, and photos. Each interview is meticulously transcribed, forming the basis of your unique story. I'll creatively retell your memories, incorporating dialogue and setting descriptions. Your photos will be seamlessly integrated, and I'll design a custom StoryAlbum cover and layout to match your preferences.

  • Hardback Book: Your Reflection Storybook journey has reached its delightful destination! You'll receive six hardback color books with your package. *Additional books can be bought separately.

  • Website: Your Reflection Storybook website is where you can share your story with friends and family. We can also add your book to the site for your love ones to purchase.


Your Reflection Storybook journey has reached its delightful destination! Dive into your hardback books and proudly showcase your Reflection Storybook website to share with friends and family.

  • Interviews: Up to 12 one hour zoom sessions

  • Genealogy: A minimum of 3 generations prior to the matriarch/patriarch

  • Historical Context Research: Aligned with the genealogy and personal stories

  • Client Provided Photos: Up to 250 photos

  • Time Period to Create: Three - Four months

  • Ghostwriting Manuscript: Up to 20,000 words.

  • Hardback Book: Book publishing with six copies included

  • Website Creation: Includes the ability to sell the book.


The Reflection Storybook is designed to transform your family's stories into timeless heirlooms! Our comprehensive package includes up to 12 one-hour Zoom sessions for in-depth interviews, alongside a genealogy study spanning three generations. We enrich your narrative with historical context research and incorporate up to 250 photos. You will receive a beautifully published hardback book with six copies and a dedicated website to share your story online. Invest in your family's legacy with a Reflection Storybook today.

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